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About Dan Schlund                       

Dan is best known for his global performances as a pilot flying a "jet pack" at some of the biggest events around the world. 

During the past 20 years Dan has been a professional Stuntman, Medic and Pyro-Technician...


Keynote Topics                       

"Transforming fear into confidence" 

Dan teaches the techniques he used to overcome the fear he faced in as a professional Jet Pack Pilot, how those same techniques will work in your corporate setting, some fun behind the scenes stories from on the road and most importantly how to transform fear into confidence.  Then Dan provides an easy to remember, seven step check list to assure you stay true on your flight path.


"Flying Solo"  The Pilot's Checklist is applied to kids and teens.  Dan uses his character, as the only real-flying superhero, to focus on the importance of living a drug-free life with integrity and honor... 




A New Level to Motivational Expectations                       

Take Dan's uplifting message literally!Jet Pack Motivation

In addition to Dan's keynote be sure to include a live jet pack flight.

An up close and personal flight experience is the best way to permanently etched the life changing techniques Dan teaches.

After his message, Dan transforms into The Super-Hero persona for a fun, volunteer rich preparation of flight. During the preparation Dan reintegrates his Pilot checklist with a fun and exciting presentation.

Don't waste this opportunity to teach your guest the tools of transforming fear into confidence and provide entertainment that will follow them for a lifetime!




Credibility & Experience                       

It is safe to say that the goal for your guests is not going to strap a 160 pound, 800 horsepower rocket pack to their back and fly 100 feet off the ground with no parachute.  

But, it is safer to say that your goal is for your guests to benefit from the same key elements of recognizing, addressing and transforming their fears into confidence.

Dan draws on 20 years of high-risk, big-responsibility professions where life and death decisions are an everyday reality.  In addition to a background as a professional stunt man for TV, film and theme parks, Dan has also produced, trained and managed other stunt professionals in live action stunt shows as well as being a a licensed Pyro-Technician shooting countless fireworks shows in California and Texas.

In addition, Dan knows his way around an Ambulance.  Not from injury but from running hundreds of Emergency 911 calls in the heart of Los Angeles as an Emergency Medical Technician.  Potential injury in stunt work is one thing.  Thinking on your feet during an emergency and making tough decisions is far different when someone's life is on the line.

These were just some of the professions that prepared Dan for the challenges of flight.  However, only prayer could have prepared him for 3 terrible crashes and one near death injury.  An only-in-your dreams business adventure spanning over 40 countries on 5 continents where more people have walked on the moon than flew a .

This 20 year journey has uniquely prepared Dan to speak to your guest on his secrets for overcoming fear and performance anxiety.  Speaking engagements include exclusive behind the scenes stories.  Examples of perseverance through injury and inspiring success through a charismatic, informative and authentic message.